Open source SDK to quickly integrate subscriptions, stop worring about code maintenance, and getting advanced real-time data.

Create paywalls in minutes from our customizable templates, put them live with remote configuration, and run A/B tests.
Quick, painless, and best-in-class creation and maintenance of subscriptions.
Stop worrying about subscription code and focus on making your app better.

Time to integrate subscriptions:
Weeks Minutes

Time for infrastructure maintenance:
Unpredictable Zero

Time to update the code:
Weeks Zero
Lines of code for subscriptions:
Thousands Few

Create new paywalls in minutes based on our gallery of customizable templates, always updated. Quickly structure and launch new experiments testing different storytelling and offers.

Ideas for new layouts:
Limited Huge gallery of templates

Time to create a paywall:
Days Minutes

Time to launch ab A/B test:
Days Minutes

Roles needed to make a new test: Developers, Designer,
Product manager, Data analyst Product manager

Get real-time access to your basic and advanced core metrics: MRR, revenue, active subscribers, new subscribers, churn rate, trials, conversion rate, and all info about subscription status.

Time to receive subscription metrics:
2 days   Real-time

Sales and finance reports:
30 days   Real-time

Data transparency & reliability:
Dream   Reality

Events & Triggers:
Gets a real-time streams of subscriptions events

Send subscriptions events to your favorite tools.
Glassfy integrates with the most used platforms and can be easily integrated with your internal tools.
Ready to get started
Interested but not sure yet?

Start in “watcher” mode: partial integration of Glassfy’s SDK to monitor metrics, see advanced charts, receive subscription events and webhooks, activate triggers, receive reports, and more… Without changing your purchase code and infrastructure!