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Build, manage, and grow  in app subscriptions
Open source SDK and backend to integrate in-app subscriptions in minutes. You deserve to focus on your app and stop wasting time on infrastructure.

Remote iAPs product management and painless handling of corner cases. Get a reliable infrastructure to verify receipts and integrate S2S notifications.

Your data belong to you: gain full visibility on subscription events and analytics.
Save weeks of dev time!
CompareDo-it-yourselfWith Glassfy
Time to integrate subscriptionsWeeks, or months to do it properlyminutes
Lines of subscription codeThousandsFew
Backend infrastructureNeededIncluded
Time for code and infrastructure maintenanceDays/weeks each yearZero
Handling difficult corner casesPossible, but very complexYes
Real-time metricsPossible, but very complexYes
Receipt verificationPossible, but very complexYes
Real-time event notificationsPossible, but very complexYes
Interesting, right?
Open source SDK with simple and transparent documentation
Our SDK is lightweight, open source, and top notch quality.
Check it out yourself!

Quick start-up and step-to-step integration documentation: Have the full picture and be guided through the whole integration.

Cross platform infrastructure
Integrate in-app purchase from different platforms with Glassfy SDK: on iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, Android, and web

Working with cross-platform software development kits? We got you covered with Flutter, React Native, and Ionic Capacitor

Glassfy dashboard enable a simple and transparent cross-platform subscription management
Integrate with any connector
Send subscriptions events to any tool. Glassfy integrates with the most used platforms and can be easily integrated with any internal or 3rd party service.

What do you do when users cancel their subscriptions?
With Glassfy, you can be notified and send in-app notifications in real-time based on any in-app subscription event.
Made in Europe with love
Glassfy is a 100% European company,
following the most advanced policies on privacy and security.
Our servers are also based in Europe.
Loved by users
Ok but… How to add it?
It’s easy and quick
Discover Glassfy
Sign up
Install SDK
Release app
Interested but not sure yet?
Integrate Glassfy in Watcher Mode! So that Glassfy SDK will “run in parallel.”
Your subscription system will remain exactly as it is, but you will start getting some of the benefits
(real time metrics, events, triggers, …)