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App Store Approval Do's and Don'ts

Let’s make sure you avoid common pitfalls!
Nearly 400,000
app submissions rejected for privacy violation
Over 153,000
app submissions rejected for spam, copycats or misleading users
Nearly 29,000
app submissions rejected for containing hidden or undocumented features
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Reasons for App Store Rejection:
  • No privacy policy
    (5.1.1 Privacy Violations)
  • Poor UI
    (1.1 User Interface Issues)
  • Using private API
    (2.5.2 Legal Requirements)
  • Mimicking another App
    (4.3 Spam)
  • Inaccurate description
    (1.0 App Store Review Guidelines Compliance)
  • Broken Links
    (2.5.2 Legal Requirements)
  • App that promotes Gambling
    (4.7 Gambling, Gaming, and Lotteries)
  • Crashes and Bugs
    (2.1 Performance)
  • Sharing personal user data
    (5.1.1 Privacy Violations)
  • Missing Metadata
    (2.1 Performance)
  • Intellectual property
    (2.3 Intellectual Property)
  • Plagiarism
    (4.1 Copycats)
  • Poor Performance
    (2.1 Performance)
  • Unfinished apps
    (2.5.2 Legal Requirements)
  • Payment System
    (3.1 Payments)

How to Pass an App Store Review

Prioritize Privacy and SecurityEngage in Misleading Practices
Use Authorized APIs and TechnologiesSubmit Spam or Copycat Apps
Understand the Review ProcessOverlook App Store Optimization (ASO)
Leverage Apple's ResourcesNeglect User Reviews and Feedback
Engage with Beta TestersOverlook App Testing
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