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ABC Italian Alphabet for kids

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About the app

ABC - L’Alfabeto Dei Piccoli is a fun app made up of four games to accompany your child in the first steps of learning the Italian alphabet.
Even for the little ones, associating animals and objects with the letters of the alphabet will become very easy to learn to recognize them while listening to their correct pronunciation.
An enjoyable experience that engages children and keeps them intelligently occupied.


With this function it is possible to listen to the correct pronunciation of the Italian phonetic alphabet. 26 amusing animated subjects accompany the letters displayed in upper and lower case. The automatic function allows you to hear the entire alphabet. The association of recognizable subjects to clearly pronounced letters helps the child in pre-school language learning.


The Explore function allows the child to play freely with letters and images. Each selected letter is associated with an animated subject, the child can have fun choosing the letters and discovering the animations displayed in simple and colorful cartoons.


With this function, the child is involved in an interactive game where the App asks to find a specific letter. Have fun finding all the letters and discover the final surprise!!!


This game stimulates the child to match the letters to the pictures. Drag the letters and match them to the right image. Using the swap option you can drag the images onto the letters. The game allows the free choice of letters and further promotes the learning of the alphabet. Complete the alphabet and pop the balloons!!!

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