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About the app

Escaping the responsibilities of everyday life isn’t easy. The Adventure Curated app brings fun to the planning process. It’s the perfect place to document your bucket list and get organised so every trip happens!

The Adventure Curated app is an iOS, macOS and Web app. One subscription works on every device, ready for you to progress your plans wherever you are.

Between Trips

» Document your Bucket List and smaller trips and advance plan to make getting away easier.
» Catalogue your gear and set a status for each item so you can see what is ready, needs to be repaired or bought.
» Keep your gear ready for impromptu adventures and avoid last-minute stress.
» Save a list of your go-to food, drinks and consumables to make future planning a breeze.
» Save weights for gear, food, vehicles, camper trailers and caravans to activate advanced weight features within trips.

For Each Trip

» Plan your day-by-day itinerary. See your proposed travel distance and where you plan to stay in the day overview. In the detailed day view, add travel details and notes on planned sights and activities and upload documents like permits and bookings so they are at your fingertips.
» Select items from your catalogued gear to make packing lists quickly.
» Make shopping lists from your go-to items effortlessly and mark items off as bought in the app while you shop.
» Gear and shopping lists double as checklists so you can tick items off as packed as a double check.
» The app displays your weights as you make gear and food packing lists.
» For 4x4, camper trailer and caravan trips, it shows your remaining payload. It indicates when you exceed GVM, GTM or GCM, making it easy to plan to take less or find lighter gear alternatives well before your scheduled departure. It accounts for all real-world variables like the weight of travellers, fuel and water.
» For hikes, the app shows each hiker’s base, consumables and total pack weight.
» For bikepacking and moto trips, the app indicates each person’s base, consumables and total bike weight.

Subscription Pricing:
The Adventure Curated app offers an auto-renewing monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

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