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Affirmate: 90 Sec Meditation

About the app

Affirmate is a 90-second multisensory mindfulness experience that easily fits into your daily routine. We enhance the quality of people’s lives by providing innovative, simple, short, and powerful mindfulness practices to promote health, happiness, anxiety relief, and personal growth.

Affirmate goes beyond traditional mindfulness practices. We integrate your personal items with a practice that transforms positive self-affirmations into light and sound vibrations.
Affirmate is everyday mental health care therapy for your mind, body and soul. Empower your inner balance and improve your wellness and productivity.

Key Features:

-Set your intention:
Choose to focus on gratitude, happiness, health, wealth & success, confidence & power, relaxation, love & friendship, and more. Transform your mindset, manifest your dreams, and open up to positive change.

-Affirmate yourself and your items:
We integrate your personal items, like a ring, necklace, crystal, or any other cherished object, into an auditory and visual experience of light and sound vibrations.

-Create a tangible connection:
Form a tangible link between your intention during the practice and your personal item. It serves as a reminder and helps to maintain a mindful state throughout the day.
This is similar to how beads, charms, and other personal items are used in spiritual and religious traditions — to reinforce and remind us of the practice.

Experience the Benefits:

Rediscover peace, joy and purpose without the strain of forced efforts. Align with the universal essence through connections fostered by pure intention, light, and sound. Commit to a journey of self-discovery, forging connections with your inner self and the world around you, allow the relaxing power of the moon to flow through you, and spark your better self.

Calm life unfolds as you engage in meditation, guided by soothing music. Find relaxation, happiness, and health as you elevate your focus and motivation. Prioritize self care with daily affirmations to relieve stress, achieve harmony, and spark self-improvement. Embrace a positive mindset and karma through guided sessions, experiencing inner peace and radiance.
Mindfulness is the new mental alchemy, transforming thoughts and emotions into a harmonious awareness.

-What should I do after Affirmating?
Wear or carry your item and reflect on your intention throughout the day. You can do so by observing or holding your item and recalling the process it underwent and the feelings it evoked.

-How do I get the most out of my subscription?
We encourage you to Affirmate at least once a day, every day. By forming this habit, you invite positive changes into your day-to-day life and cultivate a state of mindful living. Take a moment to set your daily reminder/s in your profile and remember, you are what you repeat.

-Is it possible to achieve a state of mindfulness in 90 seconds?
Yes, the time spent in a mindfulness practice has no inherent significance. What truly matters is the mindful state itself— which can be achieved in just a few seconds of recognition of the immediate moment, with minimal effort or resistance. Affirmate’s 90-second mindfulness practice is an effortless, effective, and transformative path to genuine mindfulness, without the constraints of prolonged sessions. It is a matter of quality over quantity.

-How long does it take to see changes in my life?
The time it takes to see changes in your life varies depending on the frequency of use, your current mental health clarity, and the specific goals or intentions you have set. Studies show that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, so we encourage you to Affirmate at least once a day, every day, to create positive change. It takes only 90 seconds, and remember, you are what you repeat.

Download Affirmate and infuse your day with calm, positivity, and a renewed connection to yourself.

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