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About the app

AgPilot allows agricultural pilots to easily track the details of an aerial spraying or top-dressing operation. Its simple design for running on your phone or iPad uses large buttons to make it great to see and use. Designed and used by an agricultural pilot, AgPilot is another tool in your arsenal to make life easier in the cockpit.

Standard (Free) Version:
AgPilot is free to use. You have access to most features but if you are after all the bells and whistles consider the PRO purchase.

PRO Version:
The PRO version allows you to keep a history of customer jobs and email completed jobs. Also, you can record different setups for sprays and fert mixes under ‘MIXES’. Ads will be removed as well.

Track Time:
The application tracks your actual time with the highly visible, easy-to-use built-in stopwatch. Ferry time is also recorded, giving an accurate total time in the ’end of job’ report.

Track Loads:
With the load tracker, you can keep tabs on each load. Placed on the Spray Screen with the stopwatch you can easily add a load and hit the start spraying button.

Calculate Loads:
Using the Calculate Loads button the app will show helpful information such as the area per load to cover, loads etc. Using the work screen, you can easily decide to use these calculated rates for the report or adjust the loads and area covered manually.

Track Area:
If you have entered your area per load (hectares or acres), the total area will be shown. This can cross-reference with other tracking systems to keep you on task with your chemical usage.

Track Chemical:
Adding chemicals to your tracked job will produce chemical totals at the end of your job. The application allows a maximum of four chemicals to be tracked per job. You can add unlimited chemicals to the chemical selection screen to make it quick and easy to start any future jobs.

At the end of each job, a report shows all the details of the flight. The report is set out in an easy-to-read, clear format.

Secure Data:
All job data used is securely stored locally and on YOUR device. We are working on a backup and restore function.

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