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About the app

Askify is an easy to use App that lets you access the best of artificial intelligence (AI) with your phone or browser. You can quickly get answers to any questions, have things written for you in seconds (social posts, recipes, full length articles, emails, stories, even poetry), automate tasks, and be fully entertained in a new way.

Here are a few examples of what Askify can - try it out with while it is still free:

  • Answer any question, but answer it really well

  • Write songs, poetry, fiction and fact

  • Entertain you - \“Ask me a hard science trivia question\”

  • Create recipes, no matter your taste or requirements - \“Create a breakfast recipe, lots of banana, no carbs, that I can eat in the car\”

  • Generally blow your mind! It can seriously do so much - your imagination is the limit, and even then, it can help you with that.

Try \“List 10 things I can ask you when I am bored\” and see the results.

Askify is using Glassfy for their IAP & Subscription management
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