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About the app

With "band-on" you play music by ear. For this purpose, our media library contains pieces from different genres and styles, which we have adapted, arranged and re-recorded for different levels of difficulty. In this way, we want to create an intuitive access to music, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced or professional. Our app offers you all the functions you need, in order to enjoy our pieces with maximum flexibility - and without sacrificing sound quality.

With band-on you can..

…listen to different pieces of your choice, learn them and play along with them. There are no limits to your creativity in ways of using our app, but of course we also offer clear instructions to help you through the process from listening to playing along.

…adapt the pieces to your individual skills (levels and tempos).

..set your own volume mix of the instruments.

..listen to or mute each instrument individually.

..set flexible loops, like whole parts, just a few bars, or a combination of both.

..record your progress in order to monitor yourself, or to show it to your friends, fellow musicians, or teaching staff.

…write down the notes on our "empty sheets", or compose your own version.

In detail:

Media Library:

Our media library is constantly being expanded with new content. We have a high quality standard for the material beeing published in our app and produce the pieces professionally and elaborately in the studio with real musicians. At band-on you won´t play with computer generated midi-files! For each track you can find background information about the production and the people involved in our "Info-Tab". Would you also like to produce for band-on? Then get in touch with us via our contact form.

Empty sheets:

For suitable pieces we offer so-called "empty sheets", which are thought as an empty template for you to write down your notes. In terms of layout these sheets correspond exactly to the scores, we were recording the peaces to.

We appreciate any feedback from you and will continue to improve and expand the app in the future.

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