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About the app

Your personal assistant for the administration of properties, rental units / dormitories, and management of contracts, tenancies, expenses, electricity and water consumption, maintenance and rules of order.
Complete solution!

Interaction between property owners,lessors and tenants. All-in-one platform!
Management of leases, expenses, rents, electricity consumption, rules of order, maintenance plan and other important information.

For you as a lessor, the platform gives you control over your properties, rental units, electricity meters, meter readings and onward billing of electricity costs if your property has a main meter and/or one or more series meters.
Get complete control over expenses you have in connection with leases so that deductions can be claimed for in the tax return.
Complete control!

Keep the rental price of your tenanacies up to date so that it reflects the market value, completely automatically so that you don’t lose on the rental.

As a tenant, you get an overview of electricity prices without having your own electricity subscription, an overview of meter readings and invoices with documentation of consumption and costs from the lessor. Tenants can also enter meter readings if the serial meter is installed in the rental section. Get notifications from the lessor so you don’t miss important information about the tenancy.
By the help of notifications on high / low electricity prices, electricity consumption can be optimised.
Never in doubt!

As a property owner/lessor you get started by creating one or more homes / units.
These can be handled separately in the app by specifying which home should be the default for administration.
Then start to create flexible digital leases with electronic signature.
Handle the handover of the property to the tenant in a simple way with a digital handover protocol.
Document the condition of the rental object and agree on a settlement with a return protocol.
Invite tenant(s) to provide access to a specific property / rental unit, or contract.
Create one or more electricity meters and give tenant(s) access.
Archive paper-based leases, if preferred, and give tenant(s) access to it.
Record the meter reading and document this to give the tenant a basis for an invoice.
Create an invoice so that both lessor and tenant get a full overview of consumption and costs.
Option to automatically calculate cost and consumption for serial meters when generating an invoice.
Option to send payment reminders to tenants.
Easy to use!

As a tenant, you can register and then apply for access to a home or be invited by the lessor.
Register the meter reading if you have physical access to the meter in the property that you rent.
Completely free!

Meter readings can be recorded and documented with a mobile camera and give both lessor and tenant a total overview of consumption. (Statistics to come)
Invoices are available for both landlord and tenant(s) for follow-up. (Automation is coming)

You can purchase an automatically renewing subscription in the app to utilize smart services.

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