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BopQuiz: Guess the Song

About the app

This game challenges your music knowledge, whether you’re flying solo or competing with friends. All you need is an active Apple Music subscription.

Navigate your way to the summit of the international leaderboards, engage in thrilling duels, or outshine your friends in person!

Explore a vast selection of playlists, pick your favorite, set the rules, and dive in.

Single Player
In Single Player mode, strive for the top spots on the international leaderboards.

A song is played and you are shown four possible answers, but only one is correct. To get to the top, your choice must not only be correct, but also fast!
You only have one chance per game variant, but you can also play outside the rankings just for fun.

Local Multiplayer
The multiplayer mode is designed for the couch, train rides, or any gathering where you have a few friends for a local showdown.
Simply input the names of your friends and rivals, set the rules, and kick off the game.

A song plays, and the first person who believes they know the artist, the title, or both (depending on the rules) hits the buzzer. The player then has five seconds to provide the answer. A correct answer earns a point, while an incorrect one deducts a point.
Play the selected number of songs and discover who holds the title of the ultimate music nerd among you!

Opt for the Duel mode to challenge a friend to an asynchronous match. Take turns selecting and playing playlists.
After five playlists, each with seven songs, you can declare the champion—until the next duel begins!

If you’d like to support my work, please consider leaving a review or providing feedback.

But most importantly, enjoy the game!

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