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About the app

Clickman is a utility designed for users who want to fulfill their automation needs. It can automatically perform mouse or keyboard presses and releases at intervals you set, realizing the effect of continuous clicks, thus improving your work efficiency.

The main application scenarios include:

  1. in online games, automatically repeat clicking skills, especially for air combat or tower defense games that require frequent clicking, to help you improve damage output and enhance the game experience.
  2. Automatic webpage refreshing or scrolling. By setting the appropriate click interval and position, it realizes the mouse automatically scrolling up and down the webpage, simulating the effect of manually scrolling the mouse wheel, making you more relaxed when browsing the webpage.
    Member’s Exclusive Functions:
  3. Ad-free, making your experience smoother.
  4. unlimited number of configurations to meet your complex automation needs.
  5. The number of times a step can be run can be changed, providing greater customization flexibility.
    If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions during use, please feel free to contact us via email at We will be happy to serve you and continuously optimize our products to meet your needs.
Clickman is using Glassfy for their IAP & Subscription management
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