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Contraction Timer Counter, 9m

About the app

Your Essential Contraction Timer

Easily monitor your contractions and ensure timely hospital visits with our user-friendly contraction timer. Whether you’re planning a home birth or need to track your labor stage, our app has got you covered.

With just a single tap at the start and end of each contraction, you can conveniently record and analyze their duration and frequency. Our Contraction Timer will then provide timely notifications, indicating when it’s time to head to the hospital.

Join the thousands of expectant mothers worldwide who have successfully used our app to navigate the journey of motherhood.

While our app offers valuable assistance, it’s essential to consult your doctor for guidance on contraction frequency and duration. Please note that our app is not a medical device, and our recommendations are based on standard indicators. Each labor experience is unique, so it’s crucial not to rely solely on our app.

If you find the labor pains unbearable, even if the duration and frequency of contractions may not align with the necessary indicators, it’s advisable to prioritize heading to the hospital promptly rather than attempting a home birth or delivering en route. Trust your body and heed its signals.

  • Extremely simple interface to track each contraction.
  • View your complete contraction history on a single screen. Intervals are clearly displayed between contractions.
  • Update contractions.
  • Remove contractions.
  • Define the intensity of each contraction.

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