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About the app

DayViewer is an easy to use calendar planner & organizer that helps you plan your schedule, manage tasks and keep notes organized.

Wake up every morning and check your DayViewer - it’s the flexible time, notes, and task management app combined!

The app is derived from our web version which already helps thousands stay organized for work, study and business.

DayViewer is a highly effective all-in-one productivity & management solution well suited for Businesses, Teams, Professionals and Students.

DayViewer is used in businesses of all sizes to help them manage jobs and tasks, schedules & appointments, calls, real estate, travel and tourism, construction, marketing agencies, field agents, production, product management and much more.

We combine many functions in one easy to use handy app, so you don’t need multiple subscriptions from other services or complex integrations.

It is important to be able to clearly view what needs doing on any day - and plan your days effectively.

DayViewer Starter plan is free, with some limits and feature restrictions. The Pro subscription plan unlocks all extra features, views and lifts usage restrictions.

DayViewer has the following primary features and functionality:
Reminders & Notifications,
Task Management,
Notes System,
Create Forms,
Boards System for Kanban, Slides and Cards,
Filters & Search Entries Feature,
Day Planner (Bullet System)
Tasks Progress, Priority Indicators,
Checklists & Lists in Calendar Entries,
Team Collaboration.
Fast Planner System for Week Planning & Scheduling.
Overdue Tasks
Shareable Entries, Boards & Forms (create surveys or a shareable way to get feedback).
Events System - share details for meetings, appointments or larger events.
Contacts Management.
Payments tracking and recorder (for budgeting)

Everything is built in so no need to connect to a multitude of apps or services that might not be around later, and no technical skills needed to operate - simply click inside the calendar to create a calendar entry, or add any other entry type as required.

Labels are the key to great organisation in DayViewer and these really help you find the right information whenever you need it. Filter via label in all major screens including calendar.

Get your whole team or project organized around one planner system, get reminded for important meetings, events and manage tasks as one super efficient team.

Note: DayViewer App requires active data connection, and is optimised for larger screen phones.

DayViewer iOS App Terms of use:

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