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Update - 2024 version!

Learn for Japan Driving Licence Exam Test - JDLET (Japan Driver’s License Test) is the premier app for anyone aiming to succeed in the JDLET in Japan. With its extensive content and intuitive interface, this app serves as the perfect aid to help you gear up for the JDLET, guaranteeing that you’re well-prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Karimen Preparation: The app assists with Karimen preparation, a term derived from "Karimenkyo", signifying "Provisional or Learner’s Permit." It’s the first step in the driver’s license process in Japan. Upon fulfilling specific requirements in driving school, students can attempt the written and driving tests for the Karimen. Upon passing, the Karimen permits driving on real roads, provided certain conditions are met.

Honmen Test Preparation: Post Karimen acquisition, one progresses to the Honmen test for a comprehensive driver’s license. This test scrutinizes driving abilities in real-life scenarios and evaluates navigation skills on Japanese roads. This version offers complete Honmen test prep material.

Moped (Gentsuki) Test Preparation: An exciting addition to the app is the module focused on preparing for the Moped or "Gentsuki" test. Essential for those looking to ride mopeds in Japan, this section covers the specific rules, regulations, and scenarios associated with moped driving, ensuring aspiring moped drivers are well-equipped to ace the test.

Resemblance to Actual Test: The app prides itself on the high resemblance of its questions to the actual test, providing a realistic preview of the exam. It features over 400 practice questions covering topics from road signs to safe driving practices.

Intuitive Interface: Designed for user-friendliness, the app boasts an intuitive layout, promoting easy navigation and information access. It also tracks your progress and offers performance feedback.

Conclusion: Learn for Japan Driving Licence Exam Test - JDLET is indispensable for those preparing for the JDLET, Honmen, and now, the Moped (Gentsuki) test in Japan. Offering a holistic preparation experience, it’s the ideal companion in your journey to become a licensed driver in Japan. Download now and start your driving journey!

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