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About the app

Pick a place. Make it personal.
Eighty Days is a community-driven app that’s here to turn travel on its head. We offer the best of modern technology and tools to users so they can make maps, share secrets, and find friendships all over the world through personalized itineraries that go the extra mile.
For far too long, planning a trip has been totally overwhelming. ‘Where do I begin? Whom should I trust? Is this information even relevant anymore?’ Even if you’re an expert traveler, there’s no system that truly values the time and dedication that goes into creating and sharing the stories and information that invariably help so many others. It was a problem we couldn’t wait to fix.
At Eighty Days, expert creators and inspired travelers come together to form a symbiotic ecosystem. Through shared tales of travel, we bring connection and discovery to every corner of the planet, while providing a real avenue to turn passion for travel into a source of income.
We take the time to vet, curate and back trusted tastemakers so quality never takes a backseat.Think of us as your one-stop resource for all things travel–a place that simplifies planning to amplify the experience.
And one that truly makes the most of your time.

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