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About the app

Discover the most complete diet and fitness app that is completely tailored to your needs. From weight-loss programs, progress tracking, personalized diets and exercise plans, to the keto and metabolic calculators, water intake monitoring and GPS exercise tracking, the FitMalta app simply covers everything you will need on your nutrition and fitness journey. We offer a large food and restaurant database, easily accessible through our search function, or simply browse one of the 17 different ingredients categories (such as High Fiber Foods, High Alkaline Foods, High Protein Foods, High Vitamin D Foods, Keto Foods and much more).
That’s not all, as we have included a database of over 9000 recipes, easily categorized across 20 different segments, from normal Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner to more advanced options like Low Carb, Vegetarian, Low Salt, Mediterranean, Keto, Gluten Free and more).
FitMalta provides a seamless experience, automatically creating a diet plan based on your goals and data. Choose one of the 7 Diet Plans (like Detox Plan, Low Carb Plan, Gluten-Free Plan, Weight-Muscle Gain Plan and more) and the app will generate your full, calorie-counted weekly plan – recipes included!
Some of the functions you can enjoy with our app:
β€’ Quick food logging and tracking.
β€’ Large database of food and ingredients, updated daily.
β€’ Built-in barcode scanner with a mega database of grocery products.
β€’ Color-coded macro results (Low-Medium-High) for each ingredient/product search (Fat, Saturated Fat, Sugar, Salt).
β€’ 9000+ recipes, sorted into 20 different categories.
β€’ Restaurant database with menus and nutritional search results.
β€’ Shopping list.
β€’ Keto & Metabolic Calculators – daily monitoring of your Net Carbs, Fat & Protein.
β€’ Monitor and track your daily activities – choose one of over 117 different activities.
β€’ Extensive gym exercise database – choose the exercise and body part, and the app will guide you on how to perform the exercise correctly through an illustrated video. You can also input the number of sets & weights so you can track your routines.

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