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About the app

Whether you’re a student aiming for academic excellence or a teacher looking to enhance your students’ progress, our app is tailored to meet your needs. Dive into a dynamic learning experience that combines the power of AI-generated flashcards, interactive quizzes, and advanced tracking tools. Let’s revolutionize the way you study and teach!

  1. Online Flashcard Decks - Create and share your flashcards with friends.

  2. AI-Powered Learning - Create Tests and Flashcard decks Instantly with the power of AI! Empower your learning and save tons of time.

  3. Fit for all student backgrounds - From high school students to medical and pharmacology university students. Our AI creates flashcards for all levels. Simply enter your subject and let the AI do the work.

  4. Teacher’s Best Friend
    With advanced analytics and many options for sharing tests online, you can create a test for students and evaluate them using fun and interactive online tests. Fit for all ages, whether you’re a university professor or a high school teacher. Our app is perfect for you.

  5. Upcoming features - Anki & Google Forms Integration
    For Anki enthusiasts, FlashCards Maker seamlessly integrates with Anki, combining the benefits of AI-driven flashcards with the familiar Anki interface. Elevate your Anki experience with our dynamic app.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with FlashCards Maker. Download now to witness the evolution of studying – where innovation meets education. Revolutionize your study sessions with FlashCards Maker – your gateway to mastery!

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