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Ginni AI: Your Personal AI Tutor

Discover the future of learning with Ginni AI - a smart tutor powered by advanced artificial intelligence. Whether you’re a student or a curious mind, Ginni AI adapts to your pace and style, making learning interactive and fun.

Learn & Practice: Test your knowledge through a variety of questions - Multiple Choice, True/False, and Open-Ended questions.

Instant Doubt Clearance: Have a query? Just ask! Ginni AI provides real-time answers and explanations, ensuring no doubt remains unresolved.

Chat with PDFs: Upload PDFs and Ginni AI will help you understand, explain, and answer questions about the content.

Chat with Photos: Upload a photo of your homework and Ginni AI will help you solve it

Interact with YouTube Videos: Simply share a YouTube video link, and Ginni AI will extract vital information, answer questions, and even provide summaries related to the video.

Text Summarization: Turn lengthy texts into concise summaries. Perfect for quick revisions or understanding dense material.

Progress Tracker: Stay motivated by monitoring your learning progress.

Achievements & Badges: Challenge yourself and earn achievements as you hit your learning milestones.

Safe & Secure: Your data and privacy are of utmost importance. Ginni AI ensures your interactions and uploads remain confidential.

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