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About the app

Guess-iceable is an innovative iOS word-guessing game that creatively redefines the classic hangman concept. Players are thrown into a high-stakes challenge where they must guess words correctly to prevent their character from an icy fate. Standing on increasingly fragile ice, each wrong guess leads to further cracking, infusing each moment with thrilling urgency and excitement.

This modern, interactive game captivates players in a world filled with risk and rewards and promises a thrilling journey where every incorrect move intensifies the gameplay. Skillfully developed using advanced technologies, Guess-iceable ensures a captivating and enjoyable experience, offering seamless and continuous online and offline gameplay, continuously enriched with new content.

Guess-iceable also enhances player engagement by offering a dedicated Discord channel. This space allows players to connect, share tips, and stay updated on the game, enriching the community experience.


  • Two languages for clues and the application: English and Croatian
  • Over 4000 Croatian words and 6000+ English words
  • Option to choose from three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard
  • Option to report bugs
  • Dark mode
  • Option for hint display
  • Voting for new features through a roadmap


  • Detailed statistics by difficulty level with an overview of all games
  • Top 10 high-score leaderboard
  • An extra 30 daily helps for a more successful and fun game

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