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Inhabit - Habit Tracker

About the app

It’s time to stop waiting around for life to just happen, and take control. Enter Inhabit; a beautifully designed habit tracking app with social features. 

  • Setup and create daily habits
  • Add progress with a single tap and remove progress with a swipe
  • Watch your streaks grow as you complete tasks each day
  • Get daily reminders to keep you on track
  • Take daily progress photos to watch your physical progression
  • Create CLUBS: social groups where you can invite your friends and progress together
  • Challenge your friends and rise up the club leaderboard
  • Chat about your grind in club group chats
  • Join huge community clubs with driven individuals working together for self-improvement
  • Track your monthly progress with our Discipline Calendar
  • Get daily motivational quotes and articles to keep you sharp
  • All wrapped up in a beautifully designed & polished user interface

Inhabit is the best way to track your habits and progress through life’s challenges. Get on and get inspired!

Terms of use:

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