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About the app

Take control of your digital habits and rediscover what it means to Live Life LiVELY.
The official LiVELY App is a handy toolbox created to help you find a better balance between your online and offline worlds. Let’s rediscover those sacred moments, spaces, and places that truly matter.
Download the LiVELY app and get access to:
The LiVELY 28-Day Challenge, designed to help you create long lasting healthy digital habits.
Every challenge is Grounded in Science and Guided by Inspiration. Empowering you with research-backed digital wellness insights and inspiring guest speakers.
Enjoy Resources & Rewards: Shop the curated LiVELY Market for discounted, invaluable tools to help you Live Life LiVELY.
Plus, discover more features available to you in the LiVELY app:
Habit Tracker: helps you stay focused and on track.
Listen to Talks: by motivational speakers and inspirational experts.
Explore: find ways to enrich your sacred moments, spaces, and places.
Earn certification: become Digitally Conscious after completing the 28-Day Challenge.

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