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About the app

Introducing Mapvaders, the ultimate urban art companion! Whether you’re a passionate fan of Invader mosaics or just starting your urban exploration journey, this app is perfect for you. Discover a world of art and adventure as you explore a never-ending collection of Invader mosaics scattered across the globe.

Important Note: Mapvaders is an independent application and is not affiliated with Space Invaders or Invader (the artist). It is designed solely to enhance the gamification experience for users who appreciate urban art and invaders’ universe.

With Mapvaders’ detailed map, you can easily locate all the Invaders in the world and track your progress as you collect them. Filter the mosaics by status or point to hunt down the rarest pieces and become the ultimate Invader Hunter!

But Mapvaders is more than just a tracking app. It offers personalized follow-up of the mosaics you’ve found, including gamification aspects to keep you motivated and encourage you to flash more and more. Create an account to save your progress and continue your hunt anytime, anywhere.

Want to take your Mapvader experience to the next level? Subscribe to our premium service and unlock the location of all Invaders already identified by the community. This feature is ideal for those who don’t have much time but still want to explore the vast network of urban art. Plus, get weekly updates on the position of the mosaics to stay ahead of the game.

With Mapvaders’ premium service, you can also calculate a route on foot to a specific mosaic or to the x mosaics closest to you. This feature will save you time and make your urban exploration even more efficient and exciting.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a true Invader Hunter. Download Mapvaders today and start your journey to become a connoisseur of urban art!

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