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About the app

Discover a world of enchanting tales with Minitale, the magical storytelling app designed to ignite the imaginations of children and breathe new life into bedtime.

Every tale Minitale generates is a unique journey crafted by an advanced Artificial Intelligence. Whether it’s a brave knight embarking on a mythical adventure or a mischievous mouse causing hilarious chaos, Minitale weaves magical narration sure to captivate your little ones.

No need to repeat the same stories or purchase new books - Minitale provides an endless stream of bedtime narratives that are as interesting as they are sleep inducing. Make storytime an exciting exploration into the enchanted universe of fairytales, where new characters, thrilling plots, and magical lands await.

The settings allow you to customize these captivating narratives catering for your child’s favorite themes or characters. You’ll have the ability to shape the tale ensuring it is perfect for your child’s preferences and age group.

But Minitale isn’t just for bedtime. It’s a wonderful app designed to foster creativity, improve vocabulary, and enhance early reading skills at any time of the day. You’ll love seeing their delight and wonder as they explore new tales, living the adventure right before their eyes.

It’s time to send boredom packing and embark on an inexhaustible journey of imaginative storytelling.

Free tales every week!

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