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About the app

Welcome to MyFlightLife - the place for your flight memories!

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, cabin crew or an occasional traveler, MyFlightLife is a tool for tracking and managing your flights history.

  • Log Flights
    Create and access comprehensive history of all past flights.

  • Flight Time and Distance
    Calculate total time that you spent in the air for all your journeys, and calculate traveled flight distances.

  • Flight Memories
    Upload and store photos to preserve your travel memories.

  • Visited Countries
    Keep a track record of the visited countries in one place.

  • Travel Statistic
    Explore yearly statistics to gain insights into your travel habits.

  • Travel Map
    Visualise your flight routes and visited places with interactive map.

Keep your flight memories with MyFlight.Life!

Join us today to build your flight story!

MyFlightLife | My Flight Life | My Flight Life App | MyFlightLifeApp | Flight Memory App | Flight History Tracker | Travel Stats | Flight Story Builder - your flight life story.

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