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About the app

Step off the diet rollercoaster once and for all and leave behind those calorie, macro, and point-tracking apps! Where diets have trained you to disconnect from and suppress your body’s natural appetite regulation cues, the Non-Diet Companion™ will assist you in re-establishing a connection with and trust in your body – as it should be.

This app is thoughtfully crafted to provide support and direction as you embrace your individual journey toward all facets of health, whatever that may look like for you as a unique individual.

Interested in adding structured workouts to your joyful movement routine, but unsure where to begin? Use our AI-powered feature to “talk to the app.” Share your goals, fears, background, equipment, limitations, availability, and more in plain language. The app will create a personalized workout program just for you.

A succinct, daily content feed offering valuable non-diet resources, thoughtful reflections, empowering affirmations, courses, and practical tools. We keep it simple – no content overload or ads. Just a carefully curated dose of inspiration and support for your daily journey.

Use one of the built-in journals to put your thoughts into words or create your own journals based on your unique needs. For example, are you working on honoring your hunger and recognizing fullness? We have a powerful journal built around the hunger and fullness scale.

The Non-Diet Companion™ app is continually evolving as we explore innovative ways to support you in navigating the complex food landscape and diet-centric culture. We value your ideas, suggestions, and insights. As the first app of its kind, anticipate exciting new features as we continue to empower non-dieters to thrive!



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