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About the app

The way you budget is broken!
Each month you set a budget, commit to it, but end up going over. You can’t seem to accomplish your long-term goals! These mistakes might be keeping you from paying off that debt, or saving for a vacation, and it is likely causing stress in your marriage.

Are you still trying to budget monthly?
Trying to divide up your income and make it last a whole month is hard!
If you’re budgeting monthly you have to plan every month and make adjustments EVERY MONTH!
Every month you have to ask things like: "What holidays do I plan for?" "Who’s birthday is it?"" and "When is my car registration due?"
It’s much easier to make your money last one week at a time, then try to make it last for an entire month.

One Goal helps you budget weekly
Looking at the entire year, One Goal breaks down all of your budgets into weekly amounts - Just take it one week at a time!
No more awkward monthly "budgeting talk," your weekly budget has the whole year in mind.
Each week, a small amount is set aside for all of your bills, no matter when they’re due! One Goal will tell you if you’re on track, and remove the stress of knowing if you have enough in your bank account for when your bills are due.
Planning for the year, you can easily make small tweaks along the way.

One Goal Features:

  • Create a personal spending plan in minutes
    We’ll give you suggestions; all you have to do is set what you expect to spend, and adjust along the way!
    We’ll suggest some budget categories and you can add your own. Then see how your cash flow looks throughout the year.

  • Schedule goals and bills
    Set dates on all of your expected bills/purchases and see if there will be enough money in your account when the bill is due.

  • Invite family members to join your budget
    The more the merrier! Invite your spouse to join your budgeting team so that you can manage your finances together.

  • See where your money is going
    See your spending plan broken down by category and percentage. This helps you realize how much money you’re spending in each category.

Following your plan

  • Track multiple account balances

  • You don’t need to switch banks to use One Goal. Simply add your checking, savings, and credit card accounts to One Goal. You can manually track their balances for free!

  • Fund your budgets
    Split up your account balance into separate budgets you can spend from!

  • Track transactions
    See the available amount for each of your budget categories, create or categorize transactions to move money to and from each category

  • Split Transactions
    Have a purchase that includes several budget categories? No problem, you can split each transaction between multiple budgets.

  • Fast track your One Goal!
    Set your "One Goal" together and automatically send any extra money to your goal each week!

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