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About the app

Perx is a health app which gives you the functionality to simplify your health tasks into one easy daily schedule, remember due tasks and, the best part is, you can earn real gift cards for completing your daily tasks on time!

From gift cards to movie tickets to pharmacy vouchers, the clinically-supported Perx program rewards you for managing your health tasks and completing them on time - making your daily routine easy, fun and gratifying.

Trusted by Aspire Allergy, QBE Insurance, NSW Health, Roche and Cystic Fibrosis Australia, Perx was created as a more positive, motivating way to manage your chronic conditions and/or recovery routines.

Our easy-to-use app helps you form healthy habits and stick to your schedule by providing reminders, important health information and best of all – real rewards! All personal or health information you enter into the app is securely stored in the Perx app and we do not share your information with any third parties per our Privacy Policy.

Perx has been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Startup Daily, The Daily Telegraph, News Medical, IT Brief and have also had an academic study on the effectiveness of Perx in encouraging adherence to treatment plans published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. We’re also currently running a randomised control trial with the University of Sydney.


  • Schedule health tasks such as medications, appointments, physical therapy and more
  • Earn real rewards every time you complete tasks in the app
  • Track your journey to better health with insights and Apple Health
  • Schedule your appointments
  • Medication facts and recommendations
  • Improve your health & wellbeing
  • Join the Perx family – connect with a community of people just like you passionate about improving their health by forming better habits.

Rewards for better health and peace of mind for your family.


Our program leverages proven behavioural science and consumer engagement tactics to help you improve your health behaviours and achieve better outcomes.

We pulled together a team of game designers, consumer loyalty experts and behavioural economists to use best-of-breed strategies from other industries to help you stick with your treatment plans.

Our team comes to work excited everyday to make a solution that patients love to use and are genuinely rewarded for taking care of their health.


“I can’t express how appreciative I am for this app”

“Honestly one of the best ways to earn rewards for something we should be doing anyway. The team is amazing, always 100% ready to help or take on (and even fix) any issues or feedback! Thank you guys, honestly. You’ve helped me stay on track and do the right thing for my health.”

“It has made my life a whole lot easier and less stressful”

“Thanks for the great app I just won a fitness tracker last night. All is good. I feel so pleased to be part of this app and it helps me so much with my Parkinson’s journey.”

“I’m so happy to be part of the Perx family. I’m really enjoying it.”

Most importantly, Perx is designed with input from people living with chronic conditions who take medication daily and incorporates feedback from doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Read more reviews below or better yet, try it for yourself!


We love hearing from our Perx community (it’s actually our favourite part of the day) so please send us an email at if you have any suggestions, complaints or issues with the app!

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