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Plantbuddy: Plant Care

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About the app

Plantbuddy is the "must have" plant care app for your home, office, shared room…!

In-App Purchases:
As of January 16th, 2023, Plantbuddy will offer a premium subscription to support further development. After a 14-day free trial, subscriptions renew on a monthly or yearly basis until you cancel them on the App Store.

The joy of a new plant is great! But who can remember the time each plant prefers to be watered or fertilized next?

You don’t have to worry about these and other questions in the future! Your Plantbuddy will take care of all that for you - and help you to keep your plants alive. And it’s totally easy and stress-free. You select the appropriate room in the app, add your plant to the room from a specially developed plant database, and get notified the next time your plant needs your attention.

Of course, you don’t have to take care of all your plants on your own: With a Plantbuddy account, you can conveniently share your spaces with others and let them diligently water along. All information such as the last watering date, the next time to fertilize or even notes on your plants will of course be synchronized.

With your account in our private cloud in Germany, you can also use Plantbuddy on multiple devices at the same time and can always be sure that the data about your plants will never be lost.

Please note that we switched to a premium model at the beginning of 2023, as otherwise the operation of the app would no longer have been possible. We are very sorry that we had to take this step, but it was the better alternative for us than to stop the service completely. Thank you for your support!


How it works:

  • Choose your plant - give it an individual name or use the default name
  • Add your plant to a predefined room or just create as many places and rooms as you like with an individual name and a matching icon
  • With some additional information you help your Plantbuddy to determine the best possible watering schedule for your plant: Where is your plant and how big is it currently?
  • Get reminders on your iPhone, iPad, and even your Apple Watch - and decide what time of day you’d prefer to receive these notifications
  • Take your own photos of your plant to monitor its development
  • Share your questions, experiences and favorite plant pictures in our Plantbuddy Community and feel free to check out our magazine!



  • You don’t have to register if you don’t want to (to synchronize the data between the two versions, an account is necessary)
  • All plant data is stored by us on servers exclusively in Germany
  • We anonymize all user data to the maximum
  • All in-app purchases are tips and support the operation and further development of the app
  • Regular updates and new features
  • Free support and help


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send feedback in the app or email us at

Privacy Policy:

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