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Your journey back to fitness.

Becoming a mother really is amazing, but both, pregnancy and postpartum bring huge physical and hormonal changes. If you are like me and you have always been active, trying to stay fit with all the changes and the growing belly, scaling down the movements and adapting your fitness through different stages of pregnancy, has most likely been challenging.

Once you have a baby you might want to rush your postpartum recovery and start too soon with everything that you have been doing pre-pregnancy. But listen, there is no such thing as “bouncing back”; there are no time limits on rebuilding the deep core, pelvic floor muscles and regaining strength. This is also a journey, a challenging, frustrating, but a rewarding one.

Postpartum Pia provides carefully curated pregnancy recovery exercises (including diastasis recti exercises), tailored to support your recovery and get you back to fitness. Our postnatal programs cater to new moms, providing 2 comprehensive programs with on-demand videos: a 4-week foundational program and an extended 4-week program that includes more post-pregnancy workouts. All are available in the app. 

Both programs are prescribed three days per week, but you can of course do it at your own tempo. The postpartum exercises can be done from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. 

Please only start the program once you had clearance from your doctor.

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