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Preppy: PrEP, Sex & Health

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About the app

** App of the Day on World AIDS Day 2022 **

Track your PrEP, log your sexual activities and save your doctor’s appointments:
Preppy helps you track your daily or event-based PrEP use. Save your activities, who you met with, what you did, and how it was. You can also enter your PrEP checks, save them to your calendar, and store your test results.

PrEP (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) helps you protect yourself from HIV as a precaution. By taking PrEP daily or on an occasional basis, you can effectively prevent an infection. Check with your doctor to find out which regimen fits your lifestyle.

• Monthly overview
• Track daily or event-based intake
• Daily reminder so you don’t forget the intake
• Add appointments for checkups
• Adding tests performed at an appointment
• Adding test results (positive/negative) after your appointment
• Add appointments to your calendar
• Widget for the overview of the last 4 days

Why Preppy?
• Save activities with partners, type, position, protection and rating
• Integration for Apple Health
• Make notes on all your activities
• Lock screens for additional privacy
• Support for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Sign up for Preppy
You can optionally create an account with ‘Sign in with Apple’ to back up and sync your data. Your privacy is important, so we don’t store your name or any other personal information about you.

Get in touch!
Send an email to ‘’ if you have feedback or questions.

Preppy is not a medical device and does not replace contact with a healthcare professional. The app serves as a companion for private purposes and does not protect against infection with HIV. Use at your own risk!

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