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About the app

Quran Era is the Most Creative and Comprehensive Online Quran Reading & Game Platform for Muslim Kids.

Quran Era is the most fun Quran reading & game platform for kids aged 4 to 10.

  • Designed for English Speaking Muslim Kids
  • Story-Based Approach
  • Memorable Arabic Letter Characters
  • Visual Mnemonics
  • Structured and Well Organised Curriculum
  • Animated Content
  • Flexible Study Schedule
  • Rewards and Certificates

Quran Era was developed to tackle the unique problems Muslim children face when trying to learn Quran in the digital age. We believe the children of our time need a new and modernized approach to learning Quran that is creative, engaging, and fun.

This is what Quran Era is all about. We are changing the way your child learns Quran. Quran Era is the most comprehensive and engaging online program to learn how to read the Quran for kids aged 4 to 10.

Quran Era offers an online literacy Quran education platform and service where schools subscribe to the Quran Era program for the purpose of students to develop their Quran literacy skills through a range of exercises and games.

Quran Era is using Glassfy for their IAP & Subscription management
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