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About the app

rewind. what’s your story ?

save and share your favourite memories, on a private timeline just for you

everyone’s life story is unique and special… start saving yours today
remember your past. record your present. rewind, your future.

save words, images, audio, video, screenshots, weblinks and docs…

on a completely hidden timeline, visible only to you
then choose to share what you want, only with who you want to

available for mobile and desktop, the rewind app is a private space to record your life…
the people you’ve met, the places you’ve been, all of the things you’ve seen and done…
your timeline starts the day you were born, not the day you signed up

● content privacy & security
no algorithms, data sharing or analysis. all content is encrypted and backed up with AWS

● online safety
build a completely hidden digital history and safely share content, shielded from online negativity

● ad-free experience
no selling of your data means rewind is completely hidden and free of adverts and pop-ups

● simple to use
easy to save, share and find your memories - dated, categorised and searchable

● help others
10% of all paid subscriptions goes directly to Alzheimer’s Disease International

● legacy option
nominate to leave your life’s story to a loved one

create an additional rewind timeline to save and share the memories, moments and private details from your child’s early
life and development, without the need to post to social media.
linked accounts will need their own email address as that’s how friends and family safely connect to share memories with
each other and also so that profiles can be separated in the future.

rewind. what’s your story ?

Terms of use:

rewind app is using Glassfy for their IAP & Subscription management
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