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Tabata Workout Timer (TWT)

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About the app

TWT Tabata Workout Timer is a Workout Timer which was created to be set-up in a few seconds your new workout counting without any need of WiFi or Mobile Data connection.

Free Version
• Easy to use by pre set-up drag and drop timings.
• Different timings can be implemented in one workout
• E.g. 30 sec. work // 30 sec. rest // 60 sec. work
• Workout timings can be saved.
• 15 sec to set-up your timer
• Round counting
• Set-up your own timings for individual training.
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Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise
Only 30 minutes of daily exercise could help you enjoy many benefits, including the following.
• Manage your body weight
• Maintain low blood pressure
• Reduce the risks of a heart attack
• Possess stronger muscles, joints, and bones
• Feel relaxed and energetic
• Enjoy better sleep
• Meet new People by workout together
Many researches have proved that exercise helps maintain a healthier state of mind.

Mental Health Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise
• Exercise blocks negative thoughts and keeps you away from daily worries
• It helps to improve social contact while exercising with others.
• Working on fitness would improve your sleeping patterns and also uplift your mood.
• Exercise helps boost certain hormones and change the levels of certain chemicals in the body, such as endorphins, serotonin, and stress hormones.
• For maintaining a better and healthy routine, people decided to opt for gyms.

By committing yourself to the best workout, you can continue with a daily routine of exercising, and it would help build up your confidence.

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