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About the app

Trickle aims to be the smartest personal assistant for the tech-savvy business professional designed to eliminate tedious back-and-forth scheduling messages - so you can connect effortlessly with both familiar faces and new acquaintances - and intelligently manage your schedule and work, allowing you to stay in control, be more relaxed and free up time so you can focus on the stuff you actually want to do, instead of wasting time on tedious work.

In its current Minimum Viable Product phase, trickle is a smart calendar assistant that helps you:

- Set up meetings quickly locally using our innovative and easy template system to get it done with ease  
- Synchronise your availabilities across all your calendars, without sharing any personal data  
- View all your events from all your different calendars in a beautiful calendar app  
- Add colors to your calendars to distinguish them from each other  
- Add calendars from both Google and Microsoft (Apple calendar coming soon!)  
- Get an easy overview of the next things on your agenda  
- Allows you to quickly share feedback with the team by using our swipeable cards  

Coming soon!!

- Curated contact lists based on all your email/calendar accounts and local contacts  
- Set up meetings with any group of people (within or outside your company) by using our easy to use template system  
- Quickly share your immediate availabilities with anyone through your own Personal Assistant; Ivy.   
- Add tasks to your schedule *fast* by asking Ivy to plan it in your schedule  
- Follow-up on tasks by automatically moving them up if they haven't been completed by using our swipeable cards system  
- Detecting when you're Out-of-Office so you can set up automatic reply-mails automatically by using our swipeable cards system  

trickle is always evolving! We are currently in our MVP phase – expect even more greatness soon. Got feedback on our MVP? We’d love to hear from you!
Check out: to leave feedback or simply add a message in the store :-)

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