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Truck Drive by Hublock

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About the app

An all-encompassing application for drivers to ensure comfort and safety while traveling.
Here are the key features of our tool:

  1. Location of available parking spaces, making it easy to find an available spot for your vehicle.
  2. Display of gas stations with current prices, helping you save money on any route.
  3. Intelligent route planning tailored to your vehicle’s specifications, ensuring efficient and safe travel.
  4. The ability to share your location with family and friends, increasing your sense of security while traveling.
  5. Intuitive task planning for the driver, making it easier to organize your daily activities.
  6. Automatic warning of bridges and overpasses with limited height and weight, tailored to the parameters of your vehicle.
  7. A function for reporting available parking spaces for trucks, supporting the community of drivers.
  8. The ability to read and add reviews of parking lots and fuel stations, helping you make informed decisions.

Check out our app and join the satisfied users who value convenience, savings and safety on the road!

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