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Tutorius SAT|"ACT Math Prep

About the app

Tutorius Math is your personal SAT/ACT math tutor right in your pocket, updated for the DSAT (Digital SAT). It offers all of the tools you need to succeed on the SAT and ACT math sections that you can’t find anywhere else. Tutorius was designed by expert math tutors with over 30 years experience tutoring for standardized tests. It offers over 450 unique questions, modeled off of real SAT and ACT questions. It turns daunting SAT math prep into an interactive, engaging, and highly effective study process.

Our unique Curriculum Section features 15 comprehensive units designed to teach you math concepts, strategies, and skills necessary for the SAT. Each unit includes tailored questions, most with two distinct solutions - a traditional mathematical solution and a time-saving expert tutoring approach.

Our Practice areas lets you focus on specific topics you need to improve or challenge yourself with a randomly generated practice test. It’s SAT/ACT prep that adapts to your needs!

Our games area has a unique matching game to solidify required knowledge of formulas and rules.

In the Stats Section, track your progress with precision. Get a detailed breakdown of your performance by topic and difficulty, and watch your scores improve over time.

But learning doesn’t have to be all work and no play! In the Profile Section, we’ve gamified SAT math prep. Earn points, unlock badges, and level up as you master more topics and answer more questions correctly.

Start your journey towards SAT Math mastery today. Download Tutorius Math and turn SAT/ACT prep from a chore into an adventure!

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