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Vaultaire: Private Photo Vault

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About the app

‣ Hide private photos and videos
‣ Make photo & GIF collages
‣ Organise photos by adding filters/tags

Remember the "Homework" folder on your PC/Mac? Yeah. The one with 6.9Gb of definitely-not-homework.

Welcome to the 21st Century mobile home folder. Try our secure photos/videos vault and manager to:

◉ MAKE PASSCODE PROTECTED PHOTO VAULTS: so no one can look your sensitive pics or know your fantasies. Or don’t use a passcode, it’s your choice.

◉ CREATE COMPOSITIONS WITH YOUR PRIVATE PHOTOS AND GIFS: get creative with your photos, videos, and GIFs to view your favourites, your way.

◉ APPLY ATTRIBUTES AND TAGS, ALLOWING FOR POWERFUL FILTERING: save time by quickly finding what you need to match and satisfy your needs.

◉ KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE THE MOST: gain powerful data insights into what you have, look at, and, ehem, ‘finish’ to. See stats about gender, ethnicity, hair, eyes colour, and age showcased in neat graphs.

◉ MAKE THINGS FUN: earn awards for what you’re going to do anyway.

◉ PERSONALISE YOUR PHOTO VAULT: set people defaults like gender, ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour and more.

◉ HIDE THE CORE APP’S MEANING: Change the main app icon to a more discreet one that’ll not attract attention and illustrate what’s really in there.

… and more cool customization features like dominant hand, always mute videos, record real-life finishes, get access alerts, and more.

In case you wondered:

◉ NO annoying ads or pop ups! ZERO.

◉ FULL privacy built in. Your data stays on YOUR device.

Why are you still reading this? Just tap ► “GET” already.

Oh, and tell your friends about our handy private photo vault, organiser and manager. You’ll get lifelong gratitude for the suggestion ;)


Our goal is to build the best private time experience. Keep sending your feedback and we will keep adding new features!

Terms of Use:

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