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About the app

WaveSix – the new lifestyle, health and wellbeing tracking app.

Track the key aspects of your life to discover what’s really driving your health and happiness, from food to sleep, relationships to relaxation. WaveSix is the essential new tracker that empowers you to take charge of your own wellbeing.

What makes WaveSix unique? It doesn’t restrict you to tracking fitness and food. WaveSix enables you to track as many aspects of your life as you like. Which means you can find out what’s really working for you and what isn’t, and then make the right changes – putting you in control of your life.

Log your day across 6 pillars
Movement – from running to yoga
Nutrition – how your food affects you
Relaxation – improve your stress management
Relationships – who builds you up, who drains your energy
Sleep – not just the length but the quality too
Self – the impact of your personal life

Each day, track as many of these pillars as you like PLUS your feelings – energy, stress, fatigue and more.

Soon you’ll start to identify patterns – the habits that harm your sleep, the food that makes you feel bloated, the activity that builds your confidence. Now you can make a change and track the difference!

What impact does WaveSix have?
WaveSix helps you make positive changes in your life. The results include less stress, more refreshing sleep, less chronic pain and greater energy levels.

Start tracking your lifestyle today to find out what works for you.

Users will need to purchase a subscription or lifetime access one-off payment after the free 14 day trial has ended.

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