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Weller: Gain Muscle with Bands

About the app

Weller Free
Simple and effective workouts to keep you motivated: our workouts are simplified to increase your motivation, key to achieve your goals.
Cherry-picked exercises for every muscle: you don’t need hundreds of exercises, just be constant with the right ones.
Voice-assisted workouts with your or our music: feel in company with a personal assistant guiding you throughout every exercise.

Weller Pro
Reach your fitness goals with Programs and Personalized programs: a program tracks your progress along the way and motivate you.
Create your own workouts: personalize your workout by choosing exactly the exercises you want.
Improve your fitness knowledge: increase your understanding of bands, training and more.
44 bands exercises: in every exercise is indicated which muscles are activated and in which intensity.
Track body stats: Measure how much progress you have made so far and stay motivated.
Terms of Use:

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