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Z Speech Pro 1

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About the app

Z Speech Pro 1 is an app that helps children learn sequencing, which is the ability to put things in order.

The app uses bright visual cues and enticing audio cues to help children learn.

It also helps children develop organizational skills, logical order, verbal recollection, and cause and effect relationships.

Long term use has shown that Speech Sequencing can help children understand everyday events and build a memory recall.
The app also lets parents, teachers, or therapists keep track of the child’s progress.

Here are some of the app’s features:

12 sequences, four of which are free and eight of which are available for purchase
Fun audio and visual support and encouragement
A seconds to completion timer
Audio cues that guide the child through the sequences
Visual supports like green light up target icons.
Also on completion there is verbal ‘Hurrah’ encouragement as well as colorful encouraging confetti on the screen.

The App is designed to be used by:
Autistic, speech delayed children as well as neurotypical children.

The fun audio and visual support and encouragement help children communicate and narrate events more effectively.
Play is powerful. And this App is fun.
Z Speech Pro 1 also lets the parent, teacher or therapist or a SLP keep track of progress through a seconds to completion timer. Audio and timer can be turned on and off easily in the Setting Panel.
By understanding the 12 presented sequences in this App, a child can practice over and over in and easy and fun way. It is much easier than what has been tried and true, the cutting and pasting of paper cards in classrooms.

Colorful images and audio in Pro 1 help a child get to narrating their daily activities. This is a key to safety and everyday well-being for children who may not be able to narrate first, second, third and finally what happened in their day to parents or caregivers.
Sequencing is a cornerstone of SLP and speech therapy.

Logical next steps.
Time concepts - first, second, third and fourth.
Teaches logic
Teaches recollection

Visual supports like green light up target icon, one of four where the sequence card should be placed are features of Pro 1.
Audio cues guide the child:
“I am first”
“I am second”
“I am third”
“I am last”
Spoken in a warm and encouraging female voice are also features of Pro 1.

The 12 sequences available in the App are:
Fall leaves falling from a tree
Ladybug growing from egg to adult
Building a sand castle
Brushing your teeth
Rainy day umbrella help
Making a sandwich
A rose bud blooming
Carving a Halloween pumpkin
A bird building its nest
A baby chick hatching from an egg
Building a birdhouse
Making a chocolate cereal breakfast

Educational Features:
Built in seconds to complete a sequence displays progress
Controls to turn off audio/music or timer, to customize the app.

Personal story:
As a SLPA student, father and primary caregiver of my now 14 year old Autistic son, I have over the years used the sequencing in his schools when he was three through six years.
It greatly helped him, and he was nonverbal at three and now he can talk and communicate wonderfully.
Sequencing helped him organize his thoughts, recall events and speak and then write sentences in a logical order.
Narrative speech was difficult and many hours spent sequencing stories cognitively and logically and verbally helped him talk about his day. First I did this, then this happened at school and finally this happened at lunchtime.
I am also the creator with the help of my autistic son ZOTTZ - Z Occupational Therapy Toolz - an OT fine motor skill development intelligent device with bluetooth connectivity and Apps.
I hope it will help teach a struggling or speech delayed child grasp important concepts and build their vocabulary as well as narrative speech.
More about my efforts in the field of assistive technology please visit my web sites:

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