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Henning Heinrich
Head Of Growth @ Glassfy
Essential App Metrics Every Developer Should Track
Henning Heinrich
March 18, 2024
Understanding the health of your app is crucial for its success. This guide will simplify how to use app analytics effectively, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) to enhance user engagement, retention and ultimately, your app’s performance.

Subscription Price Calculator: How to Price Your Mobile App
Henning Heinrich
February 12, 2024
Launching a mobile app with a subscription model is an exciting journey towards creating a steady revenue stream. According to recent app pricing benchmarks from Business of Apps, the average subscription price hovers around $10.20 a month, peaking at $49.65 for a six-month period.

Maximizing Mobile App Profits: Mastering the ARPU Calculator for Enhanced Revenue Analysis
Henning Heinrich
February 7, 2024
Last year, app subscription revenues soared to an unprecedented $45.6 billion, up 11.4% from the previous year, as per Business of Apps. But what’s driving this surge? The answer lies in mastering a crucial metric: Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). In this blog, we reveal how calculating and optimizing ARPU is the game-changer for your app’s financial success.

Monthly Recurring Revenue in Mobile Apps: MRR Calculator
Henning Heinrich
February 1, 2024
MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue and is the subscription revenue you collect every month from your paying user base. Try the MRR calculator to better understand your monthly subscription revenue.

Strategic Timing for Paywalls in Apps: Mastering Paywall Placement and Timing Strategies
Henning Heinrich
January 22, 2024
The timing of your paywall is a crucial element in your app’s monetization strategy. It’s not just about having a paywall, it’s about when and how it’s presented to your users. Today we dive into effective strategies for paywall placement, ensuring that your app not only sustains profitability but also maintains a great User Experience (UX). So let’s get started…

Top 12 Mobile App Paywall Examples in 2024: Key Strategies for Boosting In-App Revenue
Henning Heinrich
January 15, 2024
Let’s cut through the noise to help you make smart, effective decisions in monetizing your app. Each paywall type offers unique advantages and strategies, crucial for maximizing your app’s revenue potential.

How to integrate Stripe with Glassfy
Henning Heinrich
November 16, 2023
Have you tried our Stripe Integration? We give you the ability to easily integrate with the worlds leading payment platform.

How to Monetize a Subscription-Based App in 6 Easy Steps [Free Ebook Included]
Henning Heinrich
November 5, 2023
Monetizing your subscription-based app can be challenging, but fear not! Creating your monetization strategy doesn’t need to be painful.

Maximize Subscription Revenue: Acquire, Upsell, Reduce Churn and Win-back
Henning Heinrich
October 2, 2023
In the competitive world of mobile apps, sustaining and growing recurring revenue is crucial for the success and longevity of any subscription-based app. To achieve this, developers must consider and strategize around four key states of monetization: acquiring more net new customers, maximizing upsells, reducing at-risk customers, and winning back churned customers.

Understanding Involuntary Churn in Subscription Apps and Strategies to Mitigate
Henning Heinrich
September 28, 2023
Customer retention is essential for a thriving subscription app business. However, one significant challenge that app developers face is involuntary churn.

23 Best User Retention Strategies For Subscription Apps (Explained!)
Henning Heinrich
September 5, 2023
Did you know that acquiring a new customer usually costs 5 - 25 times more than retaining an existing customer? This article discusses some of the best customer retention strategies. At the end of the article, you’ll be one step closer to turning even first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Why you're not getting what you need from your own Storekit implementation
Henning Heinrich
July 18, 2023
First and foremost lets start with the two different ways to setup app subscriptions. On device vs with a backend - in this deep dive we will focus on if you decided to build and manage a backend. If you went with the on-device route, skip ahead to the Glassfy benefits.

Who owns app monetisation? Spoiler alert: It depends on your stage.
Henning Heinrich
June 2, 2023
In this article Karan Tibdewal and the Glassfy team walk us through what they see are the key stages of evolution you see as your app monetisation strategy evolves as you grow.

Why Preppy used Glassfy to launch multi-store payments for the first time
Henning Heinrich
February 15, 2023
In this weeks Q&A we sit down with the founder of Preppy to chat about why they chose Glassfy to implement purchases for the first time. Spoiler alert: Massive time savings!

MindDay uses Glassfy to accelerate the build and growth of their B2B+B2C App Monetization
Henning Heinrich
November 30, 2022
When managing or building an app it’s full of complexity, building out the monetization layer of your app(s) is one of those complex yet arguably most critical part of the puzzle.