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Marco Pifferi
Co-founder and CEO @ Glassfy
New app user health metrics: “Time to Realised LTV (TRV)” and “User Lifetime”
Marco Pifferi
June 20, 2023
TRV and User Lifetime metrics will provide you valuable insights into the overall performance health of your subscription business, helping you to make better decisions about pricing, marketing, and even product development.

Countdown to mandatory move to Google Billing 5
Marco Pifferi
June 19, 2023
The inevitable move to Google Billing 5 is coming in hot, here is a rundown and a reminder you do not have to handle that migration alone.

What are my options in iOS for promotions to increase in-app subscriptions?
Marco Pifferi
June 16, 2023
A quick guide to understanding your options when it comes to promotional offers in iOS, what use cases you can try and how to quickly test them in your app this week.

Restore Purchases: Quick guide for App Developers
Marco Pifferi
June 6, 2023
This is your quick guide to understanding the what, why, and how of restoring purchases in-app and why it is critical for the user experience of your end users.

WWDC 2023 Quick Highlights
Marco Pifferi
June 6, 2023
Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what is new this year from WWDC! A reminder, this is that time of year when Apple showers us with new operating systems and developer tools (sometimes letting us down and sometimes wowing us.) But hold your Apples, this year’s conference had a little something extra up its sleeve, for all of us.

Solving for "SKU not returned" in App and Play Stores
Marco Pifferi
February 10, 2023
We have all been there (luck if you haven’t) when the dreaded error of SKU not returned pops up, here is a quick guide.

Upgrade & Downgrade Subscriptions on App Store and Play Store
Marco Pifferi
February 2, 2023
Allowing users to upgrade and downgrade subscriptions will improve the retention and the UX: in this article we will explain how to handle it on iOS and Android

Maximizing app trial conversions
Marco Pifferi
December 7, 2022
Better identifying and understanding trial and subscription behaviors enables you to best build the monetization flows that help convert trials, retain potential churn, and recover lost users… if done correctly.

    Reveri increases revenue 90% with Glassfy multi-store payments
    Marco Pifferi
    November 17, 2022
    Eliminated dev time, risk, and lack of monetization by easily launching payments across stores and ability to holistically monetize.

      Waterspeed grows revenue 30% by powering in-app purchases with Glassfy
      Marco Pifferi
      November 10, 2022
      This article will dive into how Waterspeed used Glassfy to build and grow in-app purchases, leading to a 30% increase in revenue.

      Unleash the power of Glassfy webhooks
      Marco Pifferi
      May 31, 2022
      Glassfy can send you a notification each time a purchase or a subscription event happens in your app. Find out how!

      Save 50% of platforms’ fees–if you are a small publisher
      Marco Pifferi
      May 11, 2022
      Apple & Google apply a reduced 15% fee instead of the standard 30% to small publishers if they meet specific criteria. Find out how!

      Monitoring your subscriptions: Can’t miss this
      Marco Pifferi
      April 20, 2022
      Take another step toward becoming advanced at monitoring your subscription metrics, do you have everything under control?

      Monitoring your subscriptions: Where to start
      Marco Pifferi
      April 6, 2022
      Monitoring key metrics is critical. But you are already aware of this! What you might not know is which metrics to monitor to start with…

        Reveri: In-app Subscriptions Made Easier with Glassfy
        Marco Pifferi
        February 16, 2022
        When the product team at Reveri was ready to unleash their app on the world, they had to make a high-stakes choice…