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Feature release: Gain Deeper Insights into Your In-App Subscriptions with New Segmentations

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the Glassfy platform, offering a suite of new metrics and segmentations designed to empower apps with comprehensive insights into their in-app subscriptions.
Marco Pifferi
October 5, 2023
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These new segmentations enable apps to gain a deeper understanding of app performance, helping them make informed decisions and optimize strategies for revenue growth. The data is in real-time and cross-platform.

Existing Glassfy customers can access the new metrics and segmentations here.

New Subscribers: A Deeper Understanding of Your Trial Program

One of the highlights of this release is the ability to segment New Subscribers by Event Type. This empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into the origin of their new subscribers. By distinguishing between those who began with a Trial and those who made their initial purchase, organizations can evaluate the effectiveness of their trial programs and conversion strategies.

Revenue Segmentation: Unveiling Revenue Streams

Glassfy now allows users to segment Revenue by Event Type, providing a comprehensive view of revenue streams. This segmentation allows organizations to discern how much revenue is generated from various streams such as new subscriptions, renewals, product changes, restarts, and resume activities. With this valuable information, apps gain an overview of revenue makeup and can strategically allocate resources on revenue streams that are most impactful.

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Renewed Subscriptions: Assessing Customer Loyalty

The Renewed Subscriptions metric tracks the number of subscriptions that have been renewed during a specific time period. This invaluable tool enables organizations to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction, facilitating strategic decisions to enhance customer retention efforts.

New Users and Active Users: Tracking User Engagement and Growth

Understanding user acquisition and engagement is vital, and our platform now offers two key metrics for this purpose:

New Users: While you may not be able to track downloads directly, this metric provides a reliable proxy. It measures the number of users who open your app for the first time, giving you insights into your app’s ability to attract new users. It’s a critical metric for evaluating user acquisition efforts.

Active Users: Tracking user engagement is made easier with the Active Users metric, counting those who actively engage with the app by opening it at least once during a specified time period. This serves as a key indicator of user engagement and the app’s continued relevance to the audience, aiding businesses in understanding user behavior and assessing their app’s user base health.

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