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Getting the Most Out of Glassfy's Foundation Product

We’re excited to introduce you to Glassfy Foundation, the ultimate solution for your in-app revenue management needs. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE! This is a game-changer for app developers and owners like you, saving you valuable time and resources. Here are some additional features included in Glassfy Foundation:
Marco Pifferi
January 4, 2024
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1. Import and Export Data

Easily migrate to Glassfy by importing your historical data. Your data belongs to you and you can export it at any time.

2. Real-Time Advanced Analytics

Dive into 18+ real-time subscription metrics, including Trial Conversion Rate, LTV, ARPPU and more. Identify growth opportunities and gain insights into your entire business.


Retrieve subscriber status, permissions, and purchase history directly from your backend using Glassfy’s powerful REST API. This enables you to display subscription status and other information to your users on the web or utilize the data for marketing enrichment.

4. Webhooks / Triggers

Automate actions with real-time webhooks triggered by monetization events. Keep your database updated and engage users effectively.

5. Connectors

Seamlessly integrate with platforms like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Segment, Singular and more. Keep your favorite tools updated with the latest monetization events.

6. A/B Testing

Simplify A/B testing with our Experimentation Platform. Gain valuable insights and drive revenue growth effortlessly.

And much more! Explore the full list of features on Glassfy to discover all the benefits waiting for you!

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We look forward to growing with you and helping you achieve new heights of success!

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