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Glassfy Foundation Is Now Entirely FREE

I am thrilled to announce an unprecedented milestone in the world of in-app revenue infrastructure: The first ever in-app revenue product that is entirely for free. It is called Glassfy Foundation.
Marco Pifferi
January 16, 2024
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This momentous shift reflects our commitment to reduce financial constraints from high store commissions but also additional tool fees that chip away at profit margins. We believe that with reduced financial constraints, app creators can redirect their efforts toward what they do best - creating awesome apps!

What it was

Previously, our Free plan provided users with our open-source SDK and subscription management platform but it was markedly capped at $10K MTR (monthly tracked revenue), meaning all Glassfy users earning more than $10K MTR had to pay at least our Build plan commission fee.

Our legacy Build and Grow plans were available at respectively $5 per $1K MTR and $8 per $1K MTR, offering advanced analytics, webhooks, connectors, paywalls, and premium support. Certain features were restricted subject to whether you opted for the Build or Grow plan as highlighted below.

What it is now

All features of the Free and Build plan and most Grow features are now included in our new product, called Foundation. All features on Foundation are available for free without any limitations on monthly tracked revenue. We’ve eliminated entirely the need to measure monthly tracked revenue to make the whole process easier for you. There is no time limit on using the Foundation product.

Glassfy Foundation

But we’re not stopping there. To sustain our commitment to you, we’re introducing Glassfy Insight, a new premium product. Subscribers will enjoy benefits like same-day priority support and tailored services to supercharge data analysis, consulting, user experience and A/B testing.

Glassfy Insight

Why we are doing this

In today’s competitive digital landscape, the costs associated with running a profitable app have surged. Every in-app purchase not only incurs high store commissions but also additional tool fees, such as a third-party SDK, to more easily handle your in-app purchases and subscriptions. Collectively, these costs chip away at profit margins, creating challenges for app developers and businesses aiming to sustainably grow and thrive.

Existing Users

You’ll seamlessly transition to Glassfy Foundation, with the option to add Glassfy Insight if you desire more. Your trust and loyalty mean everything to us.

This transformation is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to create something extraordinary, continuously innovating to meet your needs as app developers and teams.

We look forward to grow with you!


Marco Pifferi

CEO, Glassfy

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