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Glassfy Universal Codes: A new User Acquisition strategy for your App Growth playbook

Universal Codes are a way to drive acquisition of your app by providing the user with a unique code, regardless of device type they are on, to unlock access to the app. Imagine this for trial periods, mass marketing campaigns, and bulk sales in b2b.
Luca Garbolino
March 30, 2023
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Every day we are challenged to think how we can acquire new users and monetise them. We are constantly pushed by the business to grow grow grow in order to meet some new commercial objective. We often hear this same sentiment from our users, with that said, it is why we constantly want to challenge ourselves to provide an end-to-end tool giving you the foundational infrastructure for payments but also the growth tools so you can in fact grow your revenue.

When polled, 75% of Growth owners say Acquisition channels to their strategy is their number one priority.

We have added a new feature to our Growth kit of tools called, Universal Codes. This new functionality will enable you to add an additional revenue stream and/or user acquisition channel by giving you the ability to share a unique code with a user, regardless of the device type/store that the user uses.

What are Universal Codes? 

A code generated in your Glassfy Dashboard or API that enables an end-user to unlock access to the app for a duration of time for a fee or free.

Here you see an example of making a set of “100 codes” that “never expire.” After you input these details in the dashboard you can download a .csv of these codes and distribute as you wish. You can then manage all of you various code campaigns you create in one view in the dashboard.

What are the use cases and how would I use them? 

Use Cases 

  1. B2B - You’re selling your app to Businesses who want to purchase a set of seats for their employees. Imagine you’re a Health & Fitness or Productivity app selling seats to an Enterprise for their employees to have free access (subsidised by the company.)
  2. Support - Imagine you have users having technical or bug issues that you cannot address right away. Grant them access to a premium offering of the app for a period of time.
  3. Mass Marketing Acquisition - Your marketing team can rest easy without needing to manage multiple databases of codes and logics. Universal Codes can be used in a mass marketing email to your database where users to click and for example request access for a trial period (or other access right.)

Distribution Options  

  • Distribution Options 1: Send the codes by email and redeem using a deep link

    • Mail a group of users the coupon codes using a special link to open the app and redeem the code by composing a special URL
    • Compose a path for your application using the following code yourapp://universal_code?code=the_code
    • When your app will be opened by the above url you can call the OpenAPI to connect the glassfy license key
  • Distribution Options 2: Send codes by QR-Code and redeem using a deep link

    • Generate QR-CODES using the deep link as in Use case 1 and distribute the code using your favourite media: business cards, stickers, online.
    • By using the camera the user will open the app with the deep link and the redeem process is the same as the Use Case 1
  • Distribution Options 3: Redeem the code on the web

    • After logging in your user on your website you can simply redeem the code using the OpenApi

How do I try them out? 

The first 100 Codes are on us for you to try, simple log into your Dashboard (but first make sure you have a trial account at least) and then head over to the Products section of the dashboard.

Documentation here:

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