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How to integrate Stripe with Glassfy

Have you tried our Stripe Integration? We give you the ability to easily integrate with the worlds leading payment platform.
Henning Heinrich
November 16, 2023
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How to integrate Stripe with Glassfy? 🔧

  1. Sign up for a free Glassfy account or log in
  2. Follow the steps of our Stripe documentation here

Why offer cross-platform payment options? 💻 + 📱

  1. It increases the convenience for users, making it easier for them to make payments in their preferred environment
  2. Offering both options allows you to tap into a broader audience
  3. A customer can start the subscription process on their laptop and complete the payment on their mobile device without any disruptions
  4. Simplifying the payment process by offering both web and mobile options can reduce friction, leading to higher conversion rates
  5. Allows you to implement multi-layered security measures (Two-factor, SSL)
  6. Different regions may have varying preferences for payment methods
  7. Collect unified data on user behavior and preferences

How to create Subscriptions in Stripe 🔁

  1. Sign up for Stripe account
  2. Follow the Stripe Subscription documentation here

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