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Improve app monetization with Glassfy Customizable Paywalls

The native Customizable Paywall from Glassfy is released with some hot takes on how to improve your paywall functionality.
Luca Garbolino
November 2, 2022
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Improve app monetization with Glassfy Customizable Paywalls

The native Customizable Paywall from Glassfy is released with some hot takes on how to improve your paywall functionality.

Okay, not the most creative title but it surely is self explanatory. First things, first — never heard of Glassfy? Cue gameshow music

Glassfy makes it easy to build in-app purchases in app and web stores so you can better monetize, wherever your user is — making app developers lives easier and accelerating app revenue.

Now — why are paywalls so important? Users are unforgiving — they will download an app and decide in one minute if they will use and/or pay for the app. This initial period is critical for how you present your offering(s). By the way, if you needed a reminder on how critical a multi-store approach is…

“Users that use both the app and web for monetization on average spend 3.5x more than those who do not use both”

Granted that the issue is at different points of the monetization journey… silo’d between roles and tools — but — ultimately due to separation of the stores (App Store, play store, {insert store name}, and web.) This is where things are fundamentally broken. We have begun chipping away at that problem and a key piece of that is being able to offer paywalls, at the right time, in the right place, to the right user.

Introducing Glassfy Customizable Paywall

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With the launch of our Customizable Paywall, we enhance the flexibility developers have with easily presenting paywalls at the right time. The tech is built using commonly known technologies such as HTML, JS and CSS which enables a very powerful way to build and deploy paywalls.

We provide a JS file that has to be included in the paywall and that will allow the automatic management of the paywall element such as the button names connected with SKUs, standard messages and view management. If you are familiar with HTML and JS you can build a paywall in minutes

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This is important for Glassfy as it fits into our mission of providing a native end-to-end monetization platform for apps, regardless where the user is. (Remember earlier about users being present in different stores?)

You can find the docs here and signup and build for free anytime.

Now anyone can spin up a paywall, anytime, with or without dev resources. The release of Customizable Paywalls enhances the flexability you have in building your monetization flows in-app — a developer-first way to have full control over this part of the monetization journey.

Paywall Best Practices

Presenting the paywall

The timing of when you present the paywall is critical as mentioned above. That being said, you need to ensure your tracking is accurate to show when users are bouncing away or engaging with your paywall to make sure you are learning behaviors. Setting up the paywall before the user has onboarded — or at the very least tried one or two premium features — can be a big risk to your conversions.

Certainly stay away from adding a paywall every time the app opens. Our advice at Glassfy? Give a try at presenting before and after the user accesses a premium feature — bonus points for after — let them try out the feature.

Enable Trial

One paywall strategy our users are raving about is offering opt-in/out for a trial period when they commit to a premium plan. You can see an example of this in our own release image about…

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What is great about this? Ultimately you owe it to your users to provide value if you want them to pay. This shows the user you’re willing put skin in the game and use it for free even when they have made it to the paywall — showing empathy for the user and could establish a deep trust with them.

Pricing Strategy

Not all users are the same! Not all countries’ buying powers and behaviors are the same. Ensure that either the tool you’re using or your own in-house solution is learning the purchase behaviors of your users so that you ultimately know which price points, packaging, and promos are working.

Extra best practice: Use global events by geo to determine the best packaging and pricing to offer. If you are an app related to Soccer (fine… Futbol) and the World Cup is about start, that is a great time to test various promotion strategies.

Shout out to SuperWall for their exhaustive resource on some great paywalls to be inspired from, check it out here.

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Give Glassfy a try for free and let us know what you think, we are always around to chat how you can best manage the complicated world of app monetization.

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