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New: Glassfy Paywall Template Library

Now you can select from a library of paywall templates following the best practices of all other Glassfy users.
Luca Garbolino
April 28, 2023
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What did we release?

Glassfy Paywall templates are your fastest way to ensure the best practices of paywall performance are used in your app. We make it super easy to get started using paywalls by providing 9 core templates for you to create your next paywall.


In an effort to release something new every single week, we followed what you have all been asking for - a quick and easy way to launch a paywall. We spent a long time analysing what makes a paywall great, and what did we learn? That although there are a few core universal truths, it still greatly depends on a few things unique to your business.


What is the persona you’re selling to? What cultural backgrounds do they have that may be unique to your service? How do they want to interact and be sold to? Consider all of these options and more when considering the tone, messaging, and even images you choose to use in the paywall.

User Journey

Where exactly is the user at in their journey? How many times have they attempted to use the app? Ideally you’re considering all aspects of the users experience when presenting the right offering, at the right time.

Want to give our paywalls a try? Simply go into the dashboard of your account and start to test them out by choosing via the library (seen below) and edit them to fit your needs.

Remember, with Glassfy we do not charge per paywall or per impression, simply on MTR. Feel free to create as many paywall experiences as you want and happy building from the Glassfy team!

glassfy blog image

glassfy blog image

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